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How to write SEO friendly post?

How to write SEO friendly post?

Welcome guys to the blogging  desk of Techy  gautam. Today in this post, we will discuss about how to write SEO friendly blog articles. 

If you are a blogger,  and want to rank your post then it is really important to write SEO friendly blog articles. If you missed this important concept, then you must read the article to the last. Your post can never get ranked on any search engine if you do not write SEO freindly articles. 

If you dream of ranking your post on the first page of the google then don't worry this post will surely help you. So in this post, you will learn how to write SEO friendly blog posts and rank your posts on the first page of the google. 

Here you will get all the practical tips that i used personally. These practices helped me to rank my posts and i am damn sure that these will also help you.

How to write SEO friendly blog posts?

1. Do proper Keyword Research
Keyword Research is a crucial task you should do if you want to rank your post on google. Here let me clear that a Keyword of a blog post is the topic on which you are writing. 

Example- If you are writing a post on Android app development then "Android app development "is the keyword that you have to use while writing the post. 

Remember to choose a Keyword which has less competition so that your post gets easily ranked on google and on other search engines. 

2. Put your Keyword in your Title 

To make your post SEO friendly, use your Keyword in the title of your post. If you use a title other  than your keyword then it will become difficult to rank your post. So it isthe best option to put your focus keyword in your title .

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3. Use SEO friendly permalink

When your write a post, an automatic permalink is generated with respect to your post link. That automaticly generated permalink is not SEO freindly so you have to use a SEO freindly permalink. I suggest you to keep the permalink short informative and related to your focus keyword.

4. Use your keyword in post headings

Using your keyword in the post heading will not only make your post SEO friendly but also  more readable to your users or viewers. The headings must contain your main focus keyword. 
You can also put  words similar to your keyword. Highlight that heading so that it helps in improving your ranking. You should also use your keyword in the first para of your blog post.

5. Do proper image and video SEO

Many bloggers use images and videos to make their posts effective but they do not do proper SEO on the images and videos. This affects the ranking of a post negatively. So you can compress an image, rename it with the similar words like your keywords and give an alt title based on your keyword.

6. Give a proper post description

A proper post description is really important to get a good rank. In simple words, this description is about the post in short and less words. So put a proper and related post description to all your post.

7. Use internal and external links in your post

If you have already written posts related to the post you are writing, then paste their links for proper post ranking. This will decrease your website bounce rate.

Don't forget to use external links on your post. But only use a high quality link on your  website. Only use the relevant linkgs.This also helped me in improving my post ranking

8. Proper post length

It is also important to write a post with proper words. If possible try to write a post having a length of 900-1000 words. The more the number of words, the less time it will take to improve your post ranking. Use high quality content. Write only useful and meaningful lines. 

These were some practical and personal tips that helped me to rank my post. I am sure these will also help in improving your blog post rank. 

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